Servo Drivers

EMA - 1900

The new EMA-1900 full bridge servo driver is designed to drive the EMS-4000 scanners with maximum speed and accuracy. Using highest quality components and complex servo design, it offers a 35% speed increase in both small and large angles. Optimized for our best-seller 5mm aperture (6.8x12mm mirror) scanner, it offers higher scanning speeds than most 3.5mm aperture scanners on the market.


  • Maximum speed at both small and large steps
  • Zero resonance at any frequency
  • Needs only 2 Amps per scanner
  • Easy tuning
  • Drives 5mm aperture scanner


EMA - 1200

The EMA-1200 is our standard servo driver, designed to drive all our scanners with accuracy, stability and low power requirements. It uses advanced notch filter design for resonant free operation throughout the frequency range. It is delivered with the power and signal cables already assembled for quick and easy integration into your systems. The EMS-1200 is mounted on a aluminum L-shaped bracket that doubles as a heat sink, minimizing the needs for heat sinking.


  • Small Size
  • Low power consumption
  • Drives all EMS-4000 scanners
  • Zero resonance at any frequency
  • Lower cost


All our servo drivers operate from +/-20V to +/-30V DC. The command input is ILDA compatible (+/-5V differential, or +/-10V single ended)

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