The MagicBox is a unique product. Its capabilities are not limited in just playing back ILDA frames programmed to the CF card. It can record whole laser shows as analog signals directly from your computer output card and play them back using switches or DMX control. Moreover, it can re-generate ILDA frames out of the recorded data, so you can use them into your favourite software.

  • Capture whole shows directly from your computer output card
  • Re-generate ILDA frames from sampled data
  • Program ILDA animations using a standard CF reader-writer
  • Control program changes,  size and position of animations using DMX


  • Analog In/Out : +/-5V position at 12bit, 0-5V intensity at 8bit
  • Compact Flash cards up to 8Gigabytes are supported
  • Automatic or manual regeneration of ILDA frames using PC software (included)
  • On board power supply needs only a small 9-12V transformer
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