IRIS ColorSafe

The IRIS ColorSafe is a revolutionary new product that will change the way RGB lasers display color and permit audience scanning like no other system in the world. The system comprises of two modules on the same board, the IRIS Color and the IRIS Safe

The first module (IRIS Color) is an APC (Automatic Power Control) stage for the red, green and blue laser sources of your RGB laser. Using an RGB sensor to monitor the output from the laser sources, it employs advanced servo techniques to correct in real-time for non-linearity, offset and instability For the first time in solid state laser history, what you see on your monitor is what you get from your laser. The unretouched pictures below clearly demonstrate the difference.


In the picture above you can see the color distortion as we fade from white to black. Also, a closer look on the right side of the top and bottom lines reveals settling instabilities of the green and blue lasers.

The same laser as before but with the IRIS Color enabled. You can see the smooth color fade from white to black and the settling stability (no color changes at the line beginnings).


Simple offset/gain circuits cannot achieve the same results as the variable duty cycle of the projected images requires real-time correction. Even direct diode lasers (such as red and the newly developed 445nm blue) benefit from the real time correction as we have noticed through the power feedback they do not respond linearly to the incoming current, mainly because the variable duty cycle of the projected patterns creates a variable heat load on the diode that cannot be tracked and corrected by the peltier cooling.

We have also found that even same laser systems exhibit different behavior (evident when they are used in parallel for beam effects). Using the IRIS Color, all lasers match their color output without requiring from your customer to perform tedious and unreliable palette correction procedures. ( palettes can always be used by the customer if we wishes to have different color balances, for example white balanced, high power etc.)

The system is tested to work with all kinds of lasers, be it a direct diode, DPSS green, DPSS blue, noisy or not. The servo system is pretuned, requiring only some simple user settings. Plus, there is a delay stage for each color, so it is also possible to match the different bandwidths of the RGB laser sources.

Laser IRIS ColorSafe

The second module (IRIS Safe) is the most advanced audience scanning safety system in the world. Instead of just switching off the laser at a certain scanner speed, which 99% of the times is already way above MPE values, the IRIS Safe attenuates the laser output according to laser beam velocity (XY vector).This way the exposure to the audience is kept always within safe limits, and your show runs smoothly without interruptions.

The photos below demonstrate the effect of the IRIS Safe

AttenationIn this picture, two circles of equal points are projected. The outer circle at 20 degrees shows no attenuation inside the safety zone, while the inner circle, at 5 degrees, has its bottom half attenuated, matching the brightness of the outer circle.




AttenationIn this second photo, the beams that are inside the safety zone are heavily attenuated demonstrating the ability of the system to deal with any effect, whether it is a zooming tunnel or fast beam effects.





The reliability of the attenuation is guaranteed from the companion module, IRIS Color,that translates input to output accurately. Without it, attenuating a non-linear input / output laser source is not effective and can be dangerous. ( lasers usually saturate above 3,5V input, so a decrease from 5V to 3,5V of the control signal will not affect the output accordingly) A secondary safety measure will close a shutter when the total image size drops below ~2 degrees for more than 10 msec and will open again when the image size rises above ~4 degrees.

Moreover, the safety zone adjustment (up/down, inversion) is performed using three externally placed push-buttons that are key locked, so only authorized personnel can alter the settings. There is no need for inconvenient solutions requiring connection to computers etc...

There is no better way to display enjoyable and at the same time safe laser shows !


IRIS ColorSafe : The added value to your lasersystem

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